Jan:    B & W with a splash of color

 Mar:   Long Exposure

 May:   HDR

 July:    Fireworks

 Sept:   Anything Goes

 Nov:    Chrome


 Feb:   Open

 April   Sunsets and Sunrises

 June:   Smart Phone

 Aug:    Seascape

 Oct:    Wildlife Close-up

2018 Photographer of the Year
Brad Dix

Competition Winners submit photos to:

Competition Rules

Photo Competition 2020

January -- Lonely People
March -- An Empty Road
May -- Water Drops
July -- Sports (any interpretation)
September -- An Insect / Insects
November -- Something that makes you                           laugh

Photo Sharing 2020

February -- Colors and Empty

April -- Self Portrait
June -- Flower or Flowers
August -- Anything Goes
October -- Gates / Gates

(One photo of each subject. Keith
Jacobs of 803 Labs picked these themes and will Critique them at the Feb Meeting)


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January 2019

March 2019

May 2019

July 2019

September 2019

November 2019

Congratulations to Jo Pate
Advancing to Masters

Congratulations to Paula Staley
Advancing to Advanced

Competition 2018

Photo Competition 2019

January -- Black & White with a Splash of Color
March -- Long Exposure
May -- HDR
July -- Fireworks
September -- Anything Goes
November --Chrome

Photo Sharing 2019

February -- Anything Goes
April -- Sunset
June -- Smart Phone
August -- Seascape
October -- Wildlife Close-Up