Competition Levels

We will have competition at Four Levels
     1 -- Novice
     2 -- Intermediate
     3 -- Advanced
     4 -- Masters

Each member will decide at what level he/she will compete. Once a competition level is chosen and a submission received, you will remain in that level until sufficient points are earned to move to the next competitive level.

The Competition Committee will track winners and assign points for the First, Second and Third place winners in each level.

     1 -- First Place - 5 points
     2 -- Second Place - 3 points
     3 -- Third Place - 1 point

If there are 2 people and 4 photos or less in a category, only first place will be awarded. If  there are 3 people and 6 photos or less, the first and second place  will be awarded. If there are 4 people and above, then first, second and third place will be awarded.

15 Points -- will be needed to move from Novice Level to Intermediate

30 Points -- will be needed to move from Intermediate Level to Advanced

50 Points -- will be needed to move from Advanced Level to Masters

If you start at the Intermediate Level you will automatically start with 15 points.
If you start at the Advanced Level you will automatically start with 30 points.
These points do not count for Photographer of the Year award.          

Photographer of the Year

At the end of the year, the member that has accumulated the most points in the year will receive a "Photographer of the Year" award.

Competition Rules

1 -- No limitations, use of Photoshop, etc. is acceptable
2 -- All images must have one side 10 inches long. (8x10, 4x10, 7x10,etc.)
       Nothing larger than the 10 inches will be allowed to compete for example
       ( no 8x12, or 10x14, etc.) and no images smaller than 10 inches on one side
       ( no 5x7, 4x6 or other snapshot sizes.)
3 -- Two photos may be entered in each competition. Both are eligible for
       for points and ribbons.

4 -- All photos must be matted or mounted on stiff background for ease of
       handling. No size limitations.
5 -- Photos can be Color or Black and White and can be home or commercially
6 -- Print Name and Level on back of matte or backing. No names on front.
7 -- No frames.

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