The Shot -- And How I Made It

This page is a celebration of an unique photo and the story of how the Artist accomplished it. A special thanks for their sharing this knowledge.

Cherié Barrett

OK Here it goes.....I am by no means a good teacher or giving a good explanation on things.....
We went on the beach, we first marked a spot for the model to stand or sit, then we set up our cameras. I used my Canon 6D because it is very good in low light. I used my 28-70 sigma 2.8 lens...( best to use 2.8, 1.4, or 1.8 lens). We put our camera in manual mode and the settings were as follows with adjustments along the way. ISO100, FS was flexing from 5.0-6.3, shutter speed was 10 seconds. I shined my fenix flashlight on the subject to focus manually  (I used live view). For the flame/sparks....put commercial grade brillo pad in bird feeder (suet) and attached a chain to it. Have someone stand behind the subject (subject hold an umbrella for protection) and light the brillo, then start to fling it around in circles. At that point we have hit the shutter button and I shine my flashlight on the subject to light them up for about 6 seconds. This will take several times to get what you want for an exposure. At that point you make your camera adjustments, usually just moving your aperture or shutter speed as needed.  I hope you can understand my directions :-)  My settings for this shot was at f5.6,  ISO 100, 10 second exposure......Thanks,